I started playing DayZ way back in the day when the mod first came out, my first experience involved me hanging out with these two dudes I randomly ran across for several hours, they taught me the basics of the game … before they suddenly shot me. 

It’s actually a great story and it was my very first emotional experience in a video game, I’ll write this story down eventually. 

I still remember how distant their voices became as I bled out on the beach, my vision turning blurred as they looted my useless dying body.

I still remember how confused and hurt I felt staring at my blank screen telling me I was dead. 

After posting it on the forums under a sticky thread, another DayZ player gave me some valuable insight and advice. 

"When they shot you they were still teaching you. Never Trust Anyone" 

79 plays 'Lost' Alice - Infection Apocalypse PSA Sivera DayZ PSA

These are short PSA announcements that were originally recorded for GMSradio.net  (no longer in service) and Apocalypse Radio (Green Mountain Station).

These are voiced by me, as the Day Z character ‘Lost’ Alice. 

I apologize for the quality, I didn’t have recording equipment back then. 

And just a quick side photo from the Photo shoot. This is Shane, he was our combat-consultant during the shoot, and a good friend of mine. You’ll see him as the ‘extra survivor’ in some of the shots that will be coming up and published soon. 


Sorry it’s taking me forever to publish these! Life gets in the way sometimes. But I digress, this is one of my favorite shots in the series, I plan to continue editing and publishing them periodically and then finally release my favorite shots the day the Standalone comes out to celebrate. 

DayZ Photoshoot: The Dog that won’t stop following me around

"He didn’t bark or make much of a fuss, zombies hardly fazed him, and the sound of my pistol didn’t seem to bother him one bit. 

So the first time I saw his ears go down, teeth bared, and snarling… I knew we were in trouble.”


renzboladovstheworld replied to your post: [WarZ EX-Forum Mod…]

"War Z was sketchy from the start. not too surprised. Although its gameplay looked pretty cool, Rocket’s mindset of Day Z being an “anti-game” is why I put my trust in Day Z and in its helpful (yet somewhat constantly enraged) community. standalonepls"

Oh my god, the “somewhat constantly enraged” community bit had me snorting into my cereal this morning, because it is entirely accurate. 

WarZ EX-Forum Mod Devin Hutchinson, tells RhinoCrunch “You were right about WarZ”

Recently after reading vilethings's latest post about WarZ, and him mentioning a Ex-WarZ forum Mod named Devin Hutchinson, I got curious and decided to do some digging. 

Devin, after being banned from WarZ (for what I feel are very unfair reasons) posts on R
hinoCrunch.com and basically calls out WarZ for being a giant scam. [Here is a link to the original thread] It’s definitely worth reading the rest of the thread, as he answers questions from the community and seems to be very honest (and also gives proof that he is the real Devin, in case anybody had doubts). 

For those of you who do not feel like reading his entire post below, then this is what I found absolutely the most alarming. 

"They plan to HALT DEVELOPMENT AND ABANDON THE GAME in SIX months if revenue is not enough for them (I.E. People are not buying GC and spending the fuck out of it) — take note, if they do not get ENOUGH revenue. They will have enough revenue to pay for the game development for over a year at this point in time already, but if they don’t get enough to give themselves regular raises they will stop making the game and shut down the servers and website.”

I think all of us as gamers can agree, 
that is is really fucking lame -___- 
What about the entire community that supports you guys? The money they gave you to give them a game? The promises you’ve made? WarZ actually has a really devoted fanbase, and the WarZ team couldn’t give two shits about them. 


Posted By: DevinH

EX-Forum Mod Devin here. Let me tell ya some stuff you can spout on for a new youtube video 

My forum account was hacked, my fault, they deleted a lot of posts. I was de-modded and banned, got my computer secure, re-modded and unbanned and took care of business as usual. Except their company is full of dumb fucks and didn’t backup the forums at all. No backups whatsoever.

Sergay then took it upon himself to tell Kewk to demote me for my fuckup that could have been reversed if they were not so fucking stupid.

I then made a post on the forums about how I knew this was coming; and I was sorry and would not long be supporting a company that did not support their unpaid volunteer Moderators that spent over 100+ hours answering THEIR CUSTOMERS questions and concerns as well as relaying them the ideas the community had for their bullshit game.

I was then banned for making a “Rage quit” thread permanent and here is the even funnier part my in-game account banned under the excuse I requested a refund

So, since I didn’t sign any sort of NDA for those fuckfaces here are some interesting facts.

WarZ is a direct port over from War Inc. They literally took the game and added NPCs, made a large map, and changed around camera angles and gun settings while adding more functionality and switching over some things. ALL ART however was actually done in-house by their amazing ART team. (Those were the best guys to know, they were in touch more with the community than Kewk)

They randomly ban accounts that have a certain amount of time spent playing in-game, knowing they are hooked on the game so they re-buy the game.

Their anti-hack is actually functional but here’s the kicker..wanna know WHY their bans are TEMPORARY the first time around? 0.8% hacking? Try an EXTREMELY LARGE PORTION of the player base is hacking. If they banned everyone they’d have a mass refund issue on their hands, and no one to play their piss poor of an excuse game.

they plan to HALT DEVELOPMENT AND ABANDON THE GAME in SIX months if revenue is not enough for them (I.E. People are not buying GC and spending the fuck out of it) — take note, if they do not get ENOUGH revenue. They will have enough revenue to pay for the game development for over a year at this point in time already, but if they don’t get enough to give themselves regular raises they will stop making the game and shut down the servers and website.

Here is a “Proof of ban” picture & a proof of me NOT requesting a refund. 

A reply from 
vilethings (I thought it was important to post, of course since he’s the one that first turned my attention to this topic, but also because I was wondering if this border-lined ’butthurt’ behavior as well.) 

Thanks, Alice!

On one hand I’d like to dismiss this, as there is no way to confirm or deny his allegations and it’s still just one person and may very well be just ‘butthurt’ behaviour. But lot of the things he says are consistent with my own experiences and what we have come to expect from the company as a whole (i.e. an impressive level of unprofessionalism, unparalleled in the industry).

I’ll leave it up to everyone to make up their own minds.”  

DayZ Photoshoot: My first weapon 

I think every survivor can relate to the first time they finally find a weapon in DayZ (most likely the hatchet, or another melee weapon). After many deaths have been given to the brutal learning curve, the feeling of being able to finally fight back against zombies actually becomes very empowering. 

I honestly had never been so happy to find a basic hatchet in my entire gaming life.  

DayZ Dev Interview: Matt Lightfoot (progress update)

I had a great chat with Matt Lightfoot this morning, not only about DayZ, but about an array of other topics, he’s honestly a delight to talk to. Hopefully I will have my article on our interviews on Game Override before finals starts for me. 

I just wanted to give a shout out to bulletspongenetworkvilethings70-200lockeandawe, Weston & Rich. Who gave me great and insightful questions to add to my ask list about the DayZ Standalone.  Whether or not I use your questions in the article, I wanted to thank you so much for getting back to me at such short notice.

I hope everybody is enjoying
If you have any questions or opinions on this entirely community developed update, drop by my ask or submit box!

Day Z Photoshoot: ‘Lost’ Alice (Photo 1) 

The first time I played Day Z, I spent god knows how long being trapped under a bush on the outskirts of Elektro because a zed was sniffing around and I was too terrified to move; and even though I was sitting at a computer, I found myself holding my breath. 

I think Mr. Ryan captured that feeling perfectly :) 

So sorry for the long wait guys! But the rest of the Day Z photoshoot images will be featured (hopefully) daily for the next few weeks here on the blog, so remember to keep an eye out :D

And I will get to your questions/answers/submissions/asks very soon I promise! 
In the meantime, be sure to check Mr. Ryan’s portfolio at his temporary website. His official website (GreenCameraPhotography.com) will not be live until sometime next week. 

---Listen to Alice's PSA announcements on [GMSradio.net Apocalypse Radio]---