I started playing DayZ way back in the day when the mod first came out, my first experience involved me hanging out with these two dudes I randomly ran across for several hours, they taught me the basics of the game … before they suddenly shot me. 

It’s actually a great story and it was my very first emotional experience in a video game, I’ll write this story down eventually. 

I still remember how distant their voices became as I bled out on the beach, my vision turning blurred as they looted my useless dying body.

I still remember how confused and hurt I felt staring at my blank screen telling me I was dead. 

After posting it on the forums under a sticky thread, another DayZ player gave me some valuable insight and advice. 

"When they shot you they were still teaching you. Never Trust Anyone" 

79 plays 'Lost' Alice - Infection Apocalypse PSA Sivera DayZ PSA

These are short PSA announcements that were originally recorded for GMSradio.net  (no longer in service) and Apocalypse Radio (Green Mountain Station).

These are voiced by me, as the Day Z character ‘Lost’ Alice. 

I apologize for the quality, I didn’t have recording equipment back then. 

And just a quick side photo from the Photo shoot. This is Shane, he was our combat-consultant during the shoot, and a good friend of mine. You’ll see him as the ‘extra survivor’ in some of the shots that will be coming up and published soon. 


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"The house of my epic neighbor Sivera Chandler

This building is the reason why i made my original home and then have to tear it down cause it was nothing compared to this minecraft art.”

Sorry for the Non-DayZ post! But Jwolf was nice enough to feature my second home on minecraft on his blog! :) 

If you’d like to join us sometime and play, just hop on the server and join my friend Garrett’s town ‘Magnolia’ I live in the corner of town next to the mayor. 

Server IP: dragonwagon.provisionhost.com

[Jwolf is using the John Smith texture pack]

Sorry it’s taking me forever to publish these! Life gets in the way sometimes. But I digress, this is one of my favorite shots in the series, I plan to continue editing and publishing them periodically and then finally release my favorite shots the day the Standalone comes out to celebrate. 


Ivan is back!

The last two weeks have gone extremely fast for us. As many will have noticed, we didn’t do a devblog last week. While the aim is produce an update every week (scheduled for Friday), the reality is that development will always have priority over our devblogs - and there has been a huge amount of real work to do on the project!

To celebrate Ivan returning to assist with the tean; Ivan, Matt, and myself held a design meeting in a rather unusual setting - we went from a hike around a lake area in the Czech Republic. We got some excellent idea’s - and we’re all thrilled with the great concepts Ivan has been bringing. We look forward to including Ivan on our next video blog.

Project Team Expansion

One of the biggest changes in the last week has been the expansion of the project, both in scale and scope as well as with personnel. We’ve been getting more and more people involved, both locally and externally. Many of these people are from within the community. We hope that these people will be able to assist us in really pushing the game to its limits.

Multiplayer Testing

Our internal closed testing has been continuing, and then pausing, as we identify and fix crashes and other issues. The vast amount of changes we have made require meticulous testing. We’re hoping to begin our first large-scale capacity testing next week (assuming we have a stable enough build). This will involve us working the server over with around 50 people initially, then working up to 150 and beyond to obtain metrics as to what limitations we will have.

Architecture Developments

Our lead programmer has been continuing the revision of the entire engine multiplayer to operate under the server-client MMO model. The results have been outstanding, and it is going to radically change the product. As these changes are made we are filter them onto the approach taken at other levels, ensuring everything is moved from being done at a client level to being done at a server level.

We have been experimenting with some novel approaches  such as not having loot spawned at the server level, but having it spawned at the database level - therefore negating the ease with which loot tables could be produced and allowing us to conduct a form of economic regulation to item spawns dynamically. I think the end result, however, will be a mixture of the two approaches due to performance requirements.

Character Development

This is the absolute core of our current design efforts. As such, you can see some new screen shots of the new ethnic heads available for female characters. We want to allow characters to be fully customized and reflect the players story as they are going along. This has included some fantastic ideas inspired by the community. Until initial release, the vast majority of our efforts will be with expanding options for developing and customizing your character.

Inventory system

Based on feedback and development, changes continue with this area. It’s starting to operate really well. Our programmer here, Jirka, will eventually move onto the crafting system. He has been wanting to move onto this for some time, as it is a personal area of interest for him.

As part of the inventory system, we have started detailed work on the attachment system. Like the customization of characters, we want to allow maximum ability for the customization and development of a players weapons. As part of this, all weapons being introduced into DayZ are being redeveloped from scratch at extremely high detail. The work being produced so far is outstanding! This means that, on release, there will be less weapons in the standalone - but it allows us the ability to continue each week to release content updates with new weapons and items.

World development

Massive areas are changing here. Ivan Buchta having returned from his time in the Greek Prison has been a huge asset to the team, working with our world designer SenChi (designer of the Ironfront worlds) to redevelop Chernarus. I have included some low-detail screenshots taken by SenChi showing some of his developments.

Art development

New clothing, items, weapons, buildings, “special areas” are all the foci of art development. We are greatly expanding our team of artists, as we have hundreds of new items we want to include in the world.

This week’s blog is pretty light on detail and excitement, but the pace is such that pausing to write about it is taking too much time! Overall, each week is proving to be more exciting for us than the last.


Part of a regular feature we will be doing is to take peoples questions on twitter (hastag: #AskDayZ) and facebook - Matt will select a few and we will answer them.

Will we be able to host private (hive) servers? (Christian Haschek)

Private servers will be supported. The issue of private hives (central servers) is still an open question. Initially the answer is definitely no, as we need to concentrate the database centrally so we can continue development and change it regularly. There is a wider issue of regulating both the economy of DayZ, in terms of controlling item spawn, and ensuring a balanced approach. I think it comes down to a question of timing, much like with the mod.

There be any new features in the first version of the standalone or it will be the classic DayZ (Martin Rangelovwill)

The experience will be entirely new. There is virtually nothing that has been directly ported from the mod, everything has been redone. This wasn’t our original intention (hence the December deadline) - but it has evolved this way. We’re all glad it has!

End Game content - Other than the mad max mods to cars, what other endgame solution is there other than everyone becoming bandits, the forums have made mentions and suggestions of random events like raiding a c130 crash site or setting ambush to NPC convoys, What do the dev’s have in store for us? (Rhys Fiander )

Endgame is an open question, and is something we will look at later once we have got the basics where we want them (player customization, controls, animations, zombies, loot spawn, attachments, disease, hacking, etc…). I’m personally not a fan of NPC’s but we have been keeping this available as an option for development. I kind of think  using NPC’s is cheating in this context. I am sure we can come up with a more creative way of doing these kinds of events, working directly with the community.

Dean: will you being adding other food and drink types (Ross J MacGregor)

The list of planned items is huge. A reasonably small functional set will be available initially, then new items and weapons during weekly updates.

Are you working on other ways to indicate hunger, thirst, temperature to achieve a more minimalistic HUD or getting rid of it completely and instead use sounds and such ? (Jesper von Hundhufvud)

The current situation is “no HUD” and we hope to keep it this way, demonstrating through the use of sounds and animations. We do need to add options for those with hearing impairments and we will look at those options too.

Did Dean get a date in the end or was it a romantic evening for one? WHY DID HE NOT TELL HER HOW MANY LAMBORGHINIS HE WILL HAVE?! (Regan Bamfield)

It was a very romantic evening for me cleaning my sneaker collection (I’m a total sneakerhead), so no - I did not get my date in the end! No matter how many Lamborghini’s I promised!

What will be the pricing on standalone? (Dylan Panda Belisle)

It is still to-be-confirmed. However, to put it in perspective, I want a higher price than nearly everyone else in the company. So we’re not talking an expensive product. Released now, I am confident people are getting more than required value from the product.

Will you continue pursuing/developing the humanity system? have you made/felt the need to make any changes? (Daniel Yacoubian)

I think this will continue to be developed throughout the life of the product, it will be a very subtle art to get it right.

Will the number of zombies be increased, or should we expect a similar amount? (Kyle O’Dowd)

Yes, expect the numbers to increase as they are controlled directly on the server independent of player locations.

@Lirik - Will there be character slots or will it be limited to one survivor?

Initially, just one live character for each player account. We store a huge amount of data for each character, so we need to limit it.

@Biddaman - From what we know about next gen consoles so far, would Dayz be possible to run on those machines?

Personally, yes I believe it would be technically possible. Some of the consoles will be easier than others. There are some issues with requirements for publishers which are really annoying, and I have been frustrated in the past with some of the rules required that force some weird design changes in games (I don’t like tutorials!).

@zSc0pe - Will there be changes with the chat? I would like to be able to type or talk to friends in game without the whole server knowing

We’ve started development of a basic radio system. If you’ve played Space Station 13, you’ll recognize this system. More to follow on that. And love the songs by the way!

@jerry_hopper - Will the squadXML be overhauled,2 achieve more interaction ‘outside’ the gameserver? or will there be some API which taps in dayz?

API is something we, longterm, want to look at for nearly everything - considering the outstanding creativity within the community. In particular I think it is best to allow the community to develop its own player profile statistic sites. But this is something that will come much later in the year.

@Ray23estRay - If there will be any further map releases for DayZ in the future,will they be released as DLC content for money? 

We are starting our planning process for this, but we don’t have any idea how we would monetize it. There are issues with the DLC model we would want to avoid. We’re hoping we will be so successful in sales, that we can just release as a free content update.

@TheBeehawk - What kind of vehicle customisation [sic] is planned?

I have only basic ideas on this currently, essentially functioning similar to the weapon attachment system we have designed. If your car has a missing or damaged door, take the door off another car. But of course, if they are different colors, you’ll see that. Each part also has various damage states, so we end up with GTA-esque damage visuals.

@Chernoeb Will there be different servers with different weapons. Example: One server has DMR’s while another server has no DMR’s

Not initially. Either loot will be entirely controlled centrally by the central server, or it will spawn based on loot probability tables, or (most likely) a combination of the two.

@poopthought - Do you have any malls, hotels, prisons or bigger hospitals planned for the standalone?


@EvanLutes1999 -   Will there be the old weapons from the mod, new weapons, or a mix of both?

New weapons, based on the old weapons.

IAsh - How many clothing varieties should we expect?

Once released, expect new content every week. We are planning hundreds and hundreds of clothing varieties.

How my best friend ruined ‘Lone Survivor’ for me.

Have any of you guys tried ‘Lone Survivor’? It’s this great little indie post-apocalyptic psychological horror game that was made by Jasper Byrne (Superflat Games), it’s got a great nostalgic feel with it’s 2D bit graphics. It actually reminds me of Silent Hill quite a bit, and I’m a big fan of the silent hill games. The handsome and amazing Mr. Patrick H. (of Sound and Fury) gifted Lone Survivor to me, and I meant to play it over the break (I thought it was appropriate with everybody freaking out over the 2012 end of the world silliness, and with me not having regular access to internet and all that)


It was actually my best friend Adrian who got me into the Silent Hill series (he would marry Silent Hill 2 if he could) while I’ve always admired the series, I found them hard to play because they kept me up all night from fear. But Adrian remedied that several years ago by playing them with me, which actually means, he played the game and I screamed and solved puzzles.

(As a side note, his patience with me in Silent Hill toughened me up to take on other games like DayZ)

So before I left for vacation I showed him Lone survivor in all it’s glory, I thought he’d really like it, and he did.


Until he made a comment that ruined the entire game for me, about 20 minutes into him playing it and me watching over his shoulder he said “He looks like he’s smiling” and made a ridiculous toothy grin at me.

SO NOW, Instead of seeing this.

I fucking see this.

(but with teeth, I can’t find a better example)

Fucking goddammit I can’t take this beautiful game seriously anymore.
I’m so mad at you Adrian -______-

To the land without internet

Hey guys I’m so sorry I forgot to mention that I’ll be gone for the next few weeks while I visit family in the philippines, we don’t have regular internet access here so updating the blog and getting the rest of the pictures up will prove to be difficult. I’ll make it up to you guys when I get back. 

In the meantime, lets all support the DayZ team and their work on the standalone! I know it’s taking a while, and longer than they originally told us, but they are doing their absolute best to make sure that the product they deliver to us is top notch and above and beyond our expectations. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and catching up on all your gaming during the break, shoot some zombies for me! :D


Random Ramblings: WarZ and Pay2Win

[A reblog from vilethings:]

Apparently Hammerpoint Interactive decided not only to give up all pretense of The War Z not being a pay2win game, but they are now actively aiming to be one. The marketplace was controversial before, but the developers repeatedly assured us that nothing you buy there will provide you with an advantage over other players, who decide not to invest any money.

They have now gone back on their promise by changing the prices around and adding new items. You can now buy all available types of ammo and attachments and even light body armor for gold coins (GC), the currency you get for real money. Some of these were previously only available for dollars, a currency you can only find while playing the game.

Community Manager ‘Kewk’ assures us that it’s only for testing purposes:

Guys this is a part of the beta testing process. We will test things like this out to see how things play out and adjust them accordingly. You can expect to see lots of changes even daily at this point. If you are completely against it, vote with your GC and do not purchase anything. You can still find it in the world.

So basically: “we only want to see how much more money we can make this way.”

Telling people to simply not buy stuff if they don’t approve is ridiculous, as there will always be enough people who will jump at every opportunity to pay a little money to gain a small advantage. Oh, it will be very lucrative for HI, but it’s also a surefire way to lose the faith of your player base and will most certainly scare off a big chunk of it.

Let’s hope they realize their ‘mistake’ and change it back. Otherwise I will most certainly turn my back on this game and I won’t be alone in that decision.

[a reblog from vilethings]

Former WarZ forum moderator ‘Devin Hutchinson’ lately stirred up a lot of outrage, when he posted a detailed list of how the developer of The War Z was scamming its player base (LostAlice has all the details).

He now officially stated that his post was in fact just ‘butthurt’ behaviour, because he felt he was treated unfairly, after putting so many hours into moderating the forum and being very passionate about the game.

This proves once again that everything you read or hear on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt, as long as it doesn’t come from a credible source.

---Listen to Alice's PSA announcements on [GMSradio.net Apocalypse Radio]---